Your next family movie night doesn’t need to start with a two-hour negotiation. Family Channel has the perfect picks for the family at the click of a button, Fridays at 7pm and 10pm and weekends at 11am, 5pm and 9pm ET/PT. Grab the popcorn, kick back on the couch and enjoy, together.

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This month’s featured films

A middle aged man, wearing blue leggings and a red cape, is jumping up in the air with his arms wide open. There is a blue sky behind him.

Nacho Libre

A big group of characters, in various colours and sizes, huddled around a large logo.

Shrek Forever After

Two green characters standing in front of a red stage curtain with a donkey and a cat in front of them. There are three other characters peeking through the curtain in the back.

Shrek the Third

A grandfather sitting in a wheelchair with his grandson standing in front of him. There are trees and green grass in the background.

Grandpa's Great Escape

A smiling bee with crossed arms, flying in the air in front of a clear blue sky, surrounded by three other bees.

Bee Movie

A boy sitting on the back of a grey dragon flying through a ball of fire.

How To Train Your Dragon

An elephant in the middle of three kids walking through a zoo entrance. There is a blue sky and green park in the background.


A man wearing a helmet and space uniform is standing inside of a spacecraft looking down on earth through a large circular window.

Ender's Game

17 Again

Two blue aliens, a giant orange creature and yellow creature running away from an army of yellow robots in the middle of a city street.

Escape from Planet Earth

Golden Compass

A young boy holding a baby pig under his arm and giving a thumbs up, standing in front of a black and white illustration of a car driving by.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

A close-up of a woman with short black hair, fair skin and a black leather dress. There are young kids and teenagers in the distance in front of a spooky house.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children