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This month’s featured films

A smiling bee with crossed arms, flying in the air in front of a clear blue sky, surrounded by three other bees.

Bee Movie

A boy sitting on the back of a grey dragon flying through a ball of fire.

How To Train Your Dragon

A muscular man beside a motorcycle on the left side and a middle aged man holding a paper grocery bag in front of an old car on the right.

Daddy's Home

A close-up of a man wearing a red and blue bodysuit and a mask covering his entire face, with spiderwebs covering his upper body and head.

The Amazing Spider-Man

A boy sitting on the back of a friendly looking dragon, in front of a bright red background and a white logo in the top right corner.

How To Train Your Dragon 2

A close-up of three men wearing black sunglasses and serious expression on their faces.

Men in Black 3

A soccer coach wearing a blue jacket waving his arms up in excitement surrounded by kids wearing blue and black soccer uniforms.

Kicking & Screaming

A large man laying on a beach with a surprised look on his face, covered in rope that's being pulled on by tiny men standing on the beach,

Gulliver's Travels