Your next family movie night doesn’t need to start with a two-hour negotiation. Family Channel has the perfect picks for the family at the click of a button, weekdays at 12pm, 7pm and 12am ET/PT, plus weekends at 11am, 5pm and 9pm ET/PT. Grab the popcorn, kick back on the couch and enjoy, together.

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This month’s featured films

A group of animals huddled together next to a logo that says Jungle Beat.

Jungle Beat: The Movie

A yellow alien like creature with glasses waiving on the white background


Several girls gathered around and marveling at an open shiny box

Strawberry Shortcake's Summer Vacation

round purple and pink family tv logo

Here Comes the Boom

Open Season 3

round purple and pink family tv logo

A League of Their Own

A teenage boy and a girl standing in front of alien ships flying in the black background


Frankenstein, Dracula, a mummy, three kids, four warewolves and a blobby creature

Hotel Transylvania 2

A close-up of four teenagers in front of a light blue background with a logo that reads, Life with Luca to the right.

Life with Luca

A close-up of a young boy wearing a baseball helmet.

The Kid Who Only Hit Homers

A group of people wearing summer clothes standing in a body of water with a dolphin in front of them.

Dolphin Island

A close up of two twin girls.

It Takes Two

A happy boy standing next to a man holding a frisbee in his mouth.

Finn on the Fly

A close-up of a smiling, blonde girl and a middle aged man with a winter scene and horses in the background.

The Horses of McBride

Five characters standing close together in front of a bright blue sky.

Rise of the Guardians

A bunch of cute characters in bright colours, standing on a glowing, blue ground.


A young girl in a yellow coat, holding a magnifying glass leaning forward in front of a blue background.

Harriet the Spy

Kung Fu Panda

Blue headed animated superhero character standing victorious on a bright yellow background


A close-up of a big, green character wearing a brown vest and standing beside a donkey in front of a green background.


Kung Fu Panda 2

Finding Neverland

Gnomeo & Juliet

5 Smurfs in front of the Eifel tower

The Smurfs 2

Vampire Dog