The New Adventures of Figaro Pho


Figaro Pho is a curious and imaginative boy who is afraid of everything. He is very creative, a talented painter, and an engineering genius. Figaro doesn’t age because he’s afraid of growing old.


Rivet is Figaro’s mechanical dog. He has become Figaro’s best friend and he often saves his fearful master from tricky situations. He has many useful tools and devices stored in his back.


Cornelius is the mailman. Every day he makes the long climb up the steep hill to Figaro’s door to deliver packages, but he often becomes the victim of the gross slime, falling objects, and incredible creatures Figaro uses to protect himself from his phobias.


Figaro’s next-door neighbour Juliet is the loveliest girl in town. Juliet usually doesn’t notice Figaro, but he’s madly in love with her, even though he’s too afraid to be near her.


Boris is Figaro’s gardener and handyman. He’s a large man who doesn’t say much and has a horrible body odour. Boris is blessed with a “green thumb” and can make anything grow.


Dotty is the old lady who runs the corner store. She is also the town’s doctor, dentist, and veterinarian.