Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks

Weekdays at 3:15pm et/pt


Alvin is always the centre of attention! He is charming, musical and full of energy! Alvin is full of crazy ideas, and while his plans often end in disaster, Alvin never has bad intentions!


Simon is the smartest of The Chipmunks. Not only is a genius, but he’s also very funny! He is also the oldest, if only by 8 seconds! But as Simon points out to Alvin again and again, it’s a very important 8 seconds.


Theodore is the youngest of the group. He’s shy, loving and will believe just about anything! Like any younger sibling, he’s along for the ride and loves to watch his brothers get into trouble. When his brothers don’t agree on something, Theodore is often the one to make the final decision.


Brittany is not the cleverest chipmunk, but she’s pretty sure the world revolves around her. Even though she appears to be self-centered, when things need to get done, she will always do the right thing.


Jeanette is always thinking about the universe and saving the world. She is very clever but also a little clumsy. She’s also very sweet, but don’t mistake her kindness for weakness. She will stand up to a bully or even her own sister if she believes they are in the wrong.


Eleanor is outgoing, athletic and the most popular of her sisters. She’s got a ‘can-do’ attitude! Although she’s the shortest of the girls, you can always pick her out in a crowd. Just listen for her cute giggle!