Quiet, mysterious and a little bit shy, Miles prefers to fly under the radar. With his incredible talent and a huge secret, he’s bound to make some great new friends at Keaton.


Alya is a self-taught singer-songwriter who’s never been to “the big city” before. She is shy, quiet and full of nerves – but Keaton is the place for her to break out of her shell.


A smart, self confident, incredible singer. She calls herself “Starlett”, and her voice is as big as her personality. She came to Keaton to become a star and nothing is going to stop her.


Vanessa is possibly the most talented ballet dancer at Keaton, and she knows it. Even though she’s a freshman, she’s a force to be reckoned with. She is warm and funny, but her attitude can sometimes get her in trouble.


While Carly is a very good ballet dancer, she finds that she is always in her BFF Vanessa’s shadow. She’s committed and disciplined, and she just wants to be noticed on her own.


Jax is a DJ and musician at Keaton. He’s got a very confident attitude, but he might not be as good as he wants to be.


Bianca is a performer who thinks she’s good at everything. Thanks to her mother in the business, she has been acting and singing professionally since age 2 and she wants everyone to know it.


Kit is an extremely talented musician and DJ. She’s confident, humble, and a supportive friend, but she’s also not afraid to call it like it is.


Sasha is a ballet dancer in his second year at Keaton. Sasha is the resident gossip and always makes people laugh. He holds nothing back and says it how it is.


Julie is the school president at Keaton. She is a costume designer, tech genius, filmmaker, and artist. She’s a free spirit, to say the least.


Jenna is a freshman ballet dancer. She’s bubbly, energetic and eager to succeed. Often overshadowed by Vanessa and Carly, Jenna is ready to seize every opportunity to take the spotlight!


Denzel is a super talented, always colourfully dressed designer. Whether it is clothes, sets, or just a school binder, Denzel knows how to bring it.