Boss Baby: Back in the Crib

About The Show

When an adult Teddy is falsely accused of embezzlement he has no choice but to down his emergency reserve bottle of super formula and shows up on his adult brother Tim’s doorstep. Hiding out from the feds as an infant, Boss Baby now must play the role of son to his brother Tim, brother to his nieces Tina and Tabitha, and we’re not even going to get started on how his mommy-slash-sister-in-law Carol feels about the whole arrangement. Baby Corp has changed as well with a new strategy of only targeted the top 5% of the cutest babies. As Boss Baby and Tina co-lead the Field Team they come up against an unexpected foe in the form of a teenager-run babysitting Co-Op.



Sunday, May 26

The Big Dumpling


Monday, May 27

Untitled Templeton Project


Wednesday, May 29

Imaginary Friends


Thursday, May 30

Turf War


Friday, May 31

Untitled Templeton Project

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