Dragons: Race to the Edge


Hiccup is the island’s dragon expert and hero. He is also the son of Stoick, chieftan of Berk. Hiccup prefers to spend his time exploring undiscovered lands and new dragons with the help of his best friend, Toothless.


Toothless is a Night Fury dragon and Hiccup’s best friend. He is the rarest and smartest of all the dragon species. Even though he doesn’t always listen to Hiccup, he is a very loyal friend.


Atrid is Hiccup’s longtime girlfriend. She is very confident and competitive and one of Hiccup’s biggest supporters.


Tuffnut has a twin sister names Ruffnut. They are knows as Ruff and Tuff. He is fearless and loves to break rules. Tuffnut shares a two-headed dragon with his sister.


Ruffnut has a twin brother named Tuffnut. She is ignorant and loves to break rules, just like her brother. While unladylike in most ways, she is still the last single lady on Berk.


Snotlout is arrogant and too confident for his own good. He sees himself as a hero. He has a crush on Ruffnut and has to compete with Fishlegs for her affections.


Fishlegs is the island’s nerd and statistics expert! The older he becomes, the bigger he seems to get. Fishlegs is shy and nervous to break any rules, so he always plays it safe. He loves dragons so much and enjoys keeping records of their traits and characteristics.