Hank Zipzer

Hank Zipzer

Hank is smart, funny, confident, and optimistic! There is no challenge or sticky situation he can’t solve with a plan.

Frankie Townsend

Frankie is Hank’s best friend who is cool in a “doesn’t try too hard” kind of way.

Ashley Wong

Ashley is Hank’s friend who has two doctors as parents and is very focused on becoming a surgeon herself.

Emily Zipzer

Emily is Hank’s little sister. She is a little awkward but super smart!

Nick McKelty

Nick McKelty is the school bully who thinks he’s the king of the castle.

Mr. Rock

Mr. Rock is Hank’s music teacher and friend. He’s always got a crazy story to tell about his days in a band!

Ms. Adolf

Ms. Adolf is Hank’s very strict teacher. She doesn’t like Hank very much.

Mr. Love

Mr. Love is┬áHank’s principal who is obsessed with statistics and wants to make sure his school is the best at everything!

Rosa Zipzer

Rosa is Hank’s mom, who is passionate, loving, and very talkative! She runs the family deli business.

Stan Zipzer

Stan is Hank’s dad. He is a sports journalist who is very competitive.

Papa Pete

Papa Pete is Hank’s grandfather and the former owner of the family deli business.