Heirs of the Night

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The Dracas

Lead by Baron Magnus, the Dracas are austere, strikingly beautiful blonde-haired and blue-eyed vampires. They have the ability to read minds. They are the most war-like of the clans and the most powerful, with an innate sense of their own superiority, especially towards their own shadows whom they treat like slaves. The Dracas have retrieved two rubies in the clan wars from the Vikla and Grimur clan.

The Vamalia

Fascinated by humans and human culture, the members of the Vamalia clan are pacifists and have, for centuries, avoided drinking human blood. They treat their shadows as their equals. The only surviving clan members are Alisa, her brother Tammo, their grandmother and clan head Dame Elina, their Shadow Hindrik. Alisa’s parents dead. They presumably walked into the sun together willingly. Because of their pacifistic nature, the other vampires ridicule the Vamalia and say they have the “power of love.” This clan has been living in hiding in Hamburg.

The Nosferas

The Italian Nosferas, headed by Conte Claudio and residing in Rome, are larger than life characters and live life to the fullest. Flamboyant creatures, for whom food and drink is very important, and they do everything with ‘gusto’. Their special skill is the power to withstand holy objects. The Nosferas have retrieved one ruby in the clan wars from the Arrufat clan of Spain.

The Pyras

The vampires of this clan dwell in the catacombs of Paris. Madame Audry is clan head and mother of Joanne. She is a well likes lady amongst vampires and has a good sense of humour. They have the ability to talk to animals. Their favourite pets are rats.

The Vyrad

Based in London, the stiff-upper-lipped Vyrad have the ability to manipulate the weather, often creating mists to hide their presence, but also conjuring storms when necessary. Sir Milton is the clan head for the Vyrad.

The Lycana

This clan is presumed extinct. Their ruby was taken in a clan war and only one Heir (Seymour) and one shadow vampire (Ivy) are left. Their violent history is intertwined with other magical beings, including werewolves and druids. They live in Ireland.

The Upiry

This clan is presumed extinct. Their proximity and allegiance to Dracula’s has cost them their freedom. The Upiry fought in the battle side by side with Dracula. In battle they took the Lycana ruby which gave them the ability to shapeshift. In a fit of anger Dracula took this ruby away leaving them all as bats. He kept them in cages on his property. When Dracula was defeated by other clans the Upiry were left as bats and only Dracula can give them back their human shape by returning them the Lycana ruby.

Alisa von Amelia

Alisa is a good-hearted girl -otherwise the Spark wouldn’t have chosen her. She lived most of her life inside and has been reading her whole life. She has experienced adventures and stories through reading books. She has a very curious personality that can be almost wicked and mischievous, but she is also inexperienced with the outside world – a world that also scares her. What she wants most is to find out who she is in the real world, and how to be strong.


Lars is the son of Baron Magnus, leader of the Dracas clan. He has a rogue-ish character that, together with his status as royalty, can come off as bratty, but deep down he has a good heart – a character trait that he tries to hide most of the time since his family motto – eternal strength – forbids any admission of weakness. Lars has to learn who he is as a leader and who he is without his father telling him who he needs to be. He also needs to realize who he is without his father’s protection and title.


Dragged around the world by his mother Calvina – whom he thinks is crazy for believing in vampires – what he wants most is an ordinary life as a young boy. He shares a love of books with Alisa. Fatherless, he develops his own ways of escaping from his mother’s loopy excursions. But when he meets Alisa – to whom there seems to be much more than meets the eye – his world is slowly turned upside down. Nicu has to learn about a world he always blocked for all his life – the world his mother taught him all his life about, a world with vampires in it.


Calvina is a member of the redmasks. Her task in life is to destroy all vampires and make her son strong enough to fight these monsters. She wants to prepare her son for the moment he’ll be face to face with a vampire. She sees the world in black and white, good or bad. In her mind all vampires are bad, but she has to learn it’s actually the opposite. The world is not as clear-cut as she sees it.

Lord Dracula

Lord Dracula is the great ancestor of all bloodborn vampires. When Dracula wakes, he is weak and needs to feed. He wants his rubies back to regain his power and abilities. This is why he sends another vampire to steal them – he needs to become stronger before he confronts his more powerful children himself. Dracula goes on a journey himself to retrieve the rubies that were lost in the clan wars and are spread all over Europe. Lord Dracula is obsessed to get his lost love Elisabetha back and will take any selfish decision needed to achieve this ultimate goal.


Ivy is a young shadow vampire. She becomes close friends with Alisa.  When she becomes certain she can trust Alisa she tells her she is a shadow vampire. She could get into a lot of trouble because of this secret. She has a brother named Seymour.

Baron Magnus

King of the vampire clans, Baron Magnus is a great warrior and a fierce and strict leader. He always does what he thinks is the best thing for his people (vampires), which doesn’t always mean that this is the right thing to do. Baron Magnus receives a prophecy that leaves him no other choice than to unite all the clans if they are to survive this eminent treat. Despite his feelings towards the other clans, he chooses to unite the clans. He wants to leave a legacy for his son and heir Lars af Dracas.

Dame Elina

Dame Elina is the oldest living vampire of all clans.  She has seen all the wars and lost many of her loved ones in these. She is hardened by these losses, but tries to do right by her clan and the last heirs of their clan; Alisa and Tammo. She leaves most of the care to Hindrik, whom she turned many years ago.


Youngest living vampire of all clans, Tammo is really a child who has not lived in the ‘world’. He wants to have fun and misses his mother and father very much. He doesn’t remember much about them. For him, Hindrik is the closest he’s had to a friend and he sometimes tells him stories about his parents.

Conte Claudio

Conte Claudio is the Clan head of the Nosferas;  Italian, charming, slightly nervous. To the outside world, he’s a very positive and charismatic vampire and with this he hides that he also is a bit of a coward that tries to avoid confrontation as much as possible. When confronted with situations he is quick to have an opinion and acts from emotions rather than well thought through. He loves his wife Contessa Viola and leans on her for advice.  He tries hard to keep order but loses most of the times.


Luciano is the son of Conte Claudo and Contessa Viola. He is Italian, cute and always well dressed. He takes after his father and tries to make everybody happy, but he also has his mother’s sense of justice. He helps the people who are in trouble and he will never say no to helping another.

Contessa Viola

Contessa Viola is married to Conte Claudio. She is a real warrior vampire and has fought battles in the clanwars. She has an innate instinct what is good and what is wrong and goes after what she thinks is right. For Luciano, she’s a real warm Italian style mother and on the ship she tries to be one for all the heirs. She is the strong one in the relation with her husband and she often makes the hard decisions were her husband has trouble.


Malcolm is the oldest of the heirs in the school and heir to the Vyrad clan. He feels the pressure to do right, but is also just a boy and likes to bend the rules. He is a good friend to Lars and has a soft side when it comes to the little heirs like Tammo and Joanne.