Holly Hobbie

Weekends at 11:30am et/pt

A portrait of a teenage girl with red hair. She is wearing a yellow headband and a light blue jean jacket.

Holly Hobbie

Holly is an intelligent and independent girl who prefers vintage dresses and combat boots to capes and crowns, and the only weapon she carries is her guitar. Still, you could call her a hero. She’s not afraid to fight for causes she believes in, even if it ruffles feathers. She’s a dreamer and a doer who plans on saving the world someday but is happy to start with her small town. Holly would rather spend time with friends and family, writing songs, or riding her horse. But when she sees people in trouble, or wrongs that need righting, she has to step in.


Amy is Holly’s best friend. She is usually the smartest person in the room but doesn’t make a habit of pointing it out. Amy loves science and math. She dreams about becoming an astronaut someday and craves new ideas and experiences – whether it’s a new song, a new app, or her first high school party.


Piper is a trendsetter. Need the right lip gloss to match an outfit? She’s your girl. The right hashtag for your Instagram? Same. Piper’s look, activities, and friends are carefully curated. But beneath her picture- perfect exterior lies a secret: her family’s struggling to make ends meet. Luckily, Piper has never let any of her adoring fans get close enough to know the truth.

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Tyler has been MIA for a year. No one (except his family) know what he was up to. Tyler is smart and quick-witted. His interests include drawing, photography and tormenting Holly and her friends. Holly’s convinced Tyler isn’t the jerk he pretends to be – is she right?

A portrait of a teenage boy with light red hair. He is wearing a light blue shirt.


Robbie is Holly’s brother. He is a a laid-back athlete who’d rather be goofing off with his teammates, hanging out with his girlfriend or pranking his sisters. Robbie often relies on his charm to get him out of trouble (and his chores on the farm). He’s also a little too concerned with his looks –often hogging the bathroom to perfect his hair. When Robbie gets sidelined by an injury, he starts to re-examine his priorities.

A portrait of a young girl, wearing a navy blue baseball hat, overalls and a light orange top.

Heather Hobbie

Heather is Holly’s sister. She’s headstrong and works hard to get where she wants. She loves working with her hands and is obsessed with learning skills that don’t interest most kids her age –– from sewing to sowing. She also LOVES baseball. Heather is a loyal friend and sister who prefers the company of her best buddy, Levi, to the girls at school, and is happiest playing baseball with her team (as long as she’s winning).

A portrait of a middle aged woman with dark red, curly hair. She is wearing a navy blue blouse with blue and red flowers on it.

Katherine Hobbie

Katherine is Holly’s mother. She’s a juggler, balancing her job as a lawyer at the Pickle Factory while helping raise kids who always seems to find themselves in some kind of trouble.

A headshot of a middle aged man on a light blue background. He has dark red hair and is wearing a blue button down shirt.

Robert "Bob" Hobbie

Bob is Holly’s father. He took over the farm he was raised on when his father passed away, but farming is not the only thing in his blood. Bob is a talented musician and singer – skills he learned from his mother and passed on to Holly. A goof with a big heart, Bob loves making Katherine and his kids laugh.

A portrait of an older woman with red hair. She is facing the camera and is wearing a deep red shirt.

Grandma Helen Hobbie

Helen has a rebellious streak and zero filter – she’s not afraid to tell it like it is! Helen’s a musician, and she’s thrilled to have passed on her love of rock and rebellion on to her granddaughter.