Kuu Kuu Harajuku


G isn’t just the lead singer of HJ5, she’s a natural leader. Whenever there’s trouble, people look to G for a way out. G is also an amazing friend and she’s fun to be around. Good things happen around G, and even when bad things happen she turns them into something fun, unusual and interesting. She’s surrounded by positive energy and enthusiasm, which makes her easy to follow and even easier to love.


Love is a full-on genius, which often helps her friends, but sometimes complicates their lives. Her incredible inventions might help the girls out of a jam, but they might also cause the jam in the first place, like when her shrink ray made the band so small they got lost on a cupcake! Love always takes the interesting and more complex route, even when the simple path is right in front of her.


Angel is uber-enthusiastic, uber-chic, and uber-fun! With her cheerleader attitude, she keeps the energy level at Kuu Kuu Harajuku super high! And Angel is NOT a fan of boring! Angel is a fan of fashion, and even though she only has one pair of feet, she has 328 pairs of shoes! The HJ5 girls love fashion and style, but Angel has elevated it to an art form. Even her accessories have accessories!


Music adds just a hint of edge and attitude to the group, even though she’s as cute as the next girl. She’s also incredibly protective of her friends will leap in front of charging sand bunnies to make sure no one gets hurt. This cute little thing can kick some serious butt. In addition to singing and dancing, she practices martial arts.


Baby sees the world through rainbow-unicorn and gumdrop-colored glasses. She thinks everything and everyone around her is cute, including puppies, kittens, rattlesnakes…
She is obsessed with all things adorable. Baby sees the good in everything, and can find the upside in the unlikeliest of places. In return, everyone likes Baby. Villains, monsters, cats, band-mates, rampaging sand bunnies and artificially enhanced Wombat Beasts included.
But watch out when she gets hungry! She eats everything in sight! She’s been known to eat an entire army of Sausage Cyborgs in a single go!


Rudie is the manager of HJ5, and thinks he’s a pretty great one. He gives the girls 150% of his time, talent and heart, and that means a lot to the girls. The concerts may not always (or ever) go as planned, but the girls stick with Rudie because HJ5 loves to perform, and Rudie always finds another show for them to play.