Lost & Found Music Studios

Every morning at 4:30am et/pt


Luke knows in his heart that he’s destined for glory and has a three-step approach to world domination:  band, van, and gigs. Luke has a band, and a van, but the gigs, on the other hand, don’t come easily. In Luke’s pursuit of rock-stardom, there is no time for romance, which proves complicated when he becomes the target of Leia’s affection.


Jude is a talented rapper with a flair for comedy.  Although he is used to working alone, Jude learns the art of collaboration, and creates amazing music with the other Lost & Found artists.  He develops close friendships that stretch him as a person and an artist.  Could one of these friendships lead to romance?


Coming to Lost & Found from a sheltered background, Eva struggles to strike a balance between her old life at home and the newer, bolder version of herself that emerges at the studio.  Being surrounded by music and boys puts Eva in a difficult position.  Will she abandon her past and finally listen to her heart?


A brilliant singer-songwriter, Leia is a drama queen with exacting musical standards, which elevates the performance of her band with best friend Rachel, new girl Annabelle, and romantic rival Maggie.  With the reluctant help of Rachel, Leia’s romantic pursuit of Luke leads to chaos and misunderstanding.


Rachel, a veteran singer and cynic at Lost & Found, has been Leia’s sidekick since the two of them met.  But when Leia’s romantic drama tests the limits of Rachel’s friendship, Rachel begins to lose patience.  Now she must decide whether to stand up for herself and risk losing her best friend for good, or continue to play the role of unsatisfied second fiddle.


John is Luke’s best friend, still recovering from the recent loss of his mother. John’s spirits are lifted when he’s playing with his band or when he finds himself near Michelle, the girl of his dreams.  John’s growing relationship with Michelle helps to bring out a bit of his old self, but John fears that being open with Michelle could leave him more damaged if she rejects him.


Theo is the bassist in his band and the jokester of the studio. Theo is appreciated for his bizarre, but always helpful, outlook on life, love, and especially music.  Theo stays out of the romantic fray at Lost & Found, but he has his whole world turned upside-down when he develops unexpected feelings for a fellow musician.


Mary is an incredibly talented singer who is new to Lost & Found.  Mary’s talent and poise have no equal, but her success is threatened when she falls for Tully, a charismatic underground musician.  If Mary doesn’t listen to her friends, Tully may be her ultimate downfall.


Maggie arrives at Lost & Found having left behind all her friends in her small hometown.  Maggie’s talent earns her a place in Leia’s band, but Maggie finds herself in competition with Leia for both Rachel’s friendship, and Luke’s love. Should Maggie back down in the face of adversity, or should she be her authentic self, no matter the consequences?


Annabelle is a babbling blogger, whose time at Lost & Found almost comes to an end before it even starts.  But when she is given a second chance, she dazzles the studio, and finds a place in a band with Leia, Rachel, and Maggie.  Annabelle quickly learns that the music business is tough, and if you want to make it, you’ve got to be even tougher.


Isaac is a new member of Lost & Found who uses the power of his voice to escape his difficult home life.  When Isaac’s ne’er-do-well brother, Tully, intrudes on his life at Lost & Found, Isaac will do anything to protect the studio from his brother’s influence, even if it means hurting those closest to him.


Clara is the sister of Giselle, a dancer from The Next Step studio. Clara is surprised and overjoyed when she is accepted into Lost & Found, but she has a hard time overcoming her severe lack of confidence.  Clara soon spirals into a world of anxiety that threatens her place at the studio.


Hannah is a talented singer and guitarist, who is the mother hen of the musicians at Lost & Found. Hannah is sweet-natured and manages to stay above all the drama, though she does step in to help when her friend Clara needs it most.


Nate is the piano prodigy at Lost & Found. Though quiet and reserved, he is great at reading people and has a flair for gently encouraging them.  During the year at Lost & Found, Nate will find first love, new friendship, and his first steps toward glory.

Mr. T

Mr. T is an accomplished music producer who left behind a life on the road with his band to open Lost & Found.  Mr. T is a no-nonsense perfectionist, and his demands have a way of bringing out the best in the musicians, but his high standards may push some of them past their breaking point.


An alumnus of Lost & Found Music Studios, Parker is Mr. T’s savvy number two.  Her connections to the music industry provide opportunities for Jude, Maggie, and others throughout the season.  Parker is the one who opens the door, but it’s up to the musicians to walk through it themselves.


A gifted dancer from The Next Step studio, James is also a drummer in a band with Luke, Theo, and John.  James coaches the boys through relationships and performance, while he endures the crazy shenanigans of a talented but inexperienced band.


Michelle is a dancer at The Next Step, a dance studio just down the hall from Lost & Found.  Whenever her and John see each other it feels like there may be a spark. Does Michelle have a crush on John?


Giselle is a dancer at The Next Step & sister of Clara, one of the members of Lost & Found.


Riley is also a dancer at The Next Step. She is dating James and supports his new hobby of being in a band at Lost & Found.