Mighty Mike

Every day at 7am et/pt


Mike is a refined pug with sophisticated tastes, who savours the peace and tranquility of his home. Every morning, he wakes up with one thing on his mind – how to impress the neighbour’s elegant dog Iris, who likes to sunbathe on her patio.


Fluffy loves getting under Mike’s fur at every opportunity. Like any self-respecting kitten, Fluffy is completely oblivious to danger and frequently puts himself in harm’s way, leaving Mike with no option but to come to his rescue and save his skinny neck… whether he wants to or not.

The Turtle Trio

The turtles love nothing more than getting active and transforming the house into their own personal sports field – from playing hockey in the living room and trapezing from the chandeliers to bob-sleighing down the stairs. They may be small but they can cause a lot of damage!

The Raccoon Brothers

Freddy and Mercury are thieving raccoon brothers. Freddy is cunning, crafty and always coming up with creative ways to sneak inside and trick Mike. He will stop at nothing to gain control of the house.


The neighbor’s dog is the most beautiful dog in the neighborhood and Mike is in love with her. Every time he sees her walking down the street, Mike tries to act all cool and relaxed. It’s not easy flirting when your house is in such chaos!