Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

Weekdays at 8:25am et/pt


Marinette is an ordinary teen attending high school. She spends her days at school with friends or family. She has a secret pet named, Tikki, who transforms Marinette into Ladybug when she enters her earings. Marinette is always on the go and running late because of her duties as Ladybug. She also has a crush on her classmate, Adrien.


Adrien is the son of a famous fashion designer in Paris. He models for his dad’s company and attends the same high school as Marinette. His secret pet is Plagg, who helps him transform into Cat Noir. All Adrien needs to do is say the magic words: Claws out! Cat Noir is also in love with Ladybug and goes out of his way to impress her.


Tikki is Marinette’s magic creature/kwami. She is her wise friend and guardian angel. Her magical powers help Marinette transform into Ladybug! Tikki goes everywhere with Marinette in her daily life, even in school. This is because she may need to change into Ladybug at any time! Marinette keeps her kwami hidden in her bag or jacket and Tikki is good at keeping a low profile so as to avoid being seen by others.


Plagg is Adrien’s secret creature/kwami. His magical powers allow Adrien to transform into Cat Noir. Plagg is a bit lazy and hates being ordered around, but he loves living among humans and playing pranks on Adrien. He is a spoiled little brat! He knows Adrien needs him in order to be able to change into Cat Noir, to be with his crush, Ladybug. And Plagg uses that to make Adrien dependent on him, and to get him to give him what he wants! Plagg goes everywhere with Adrien in his daily life, even in school, because he may need to change into Cat Noir at any time! Adrien keeps his Kwami hidden in his school bag or jacket.


Alya is Marinette’s best friend. She runs the school blog and is striving towards becoming a news reporter. One of her biggest goals is to obtain an interview with Ladybug and find out who she really is!


Hawkmoth is the cause of all chaos! He keeps Ladybug and Cat Noir busy trying to save Paris from an endless flow of villains!

Tom and Sabine

Tom and Sabine are Marinette’s parents. They run a bakery in the center of Paris. Tom loves his job and always tried to make the best possible load of bread or pastry. Sabine is the chatty one and the head of the family, the one who solves all problems and makes big decisions.


Marc is a shy student and talented writer who dreams of creating a comic book with Nathaniel. But, when Marinette decides to help him meet his idol, nothing goes as planned! Disappointed and humiliated, Marc gets akumatized into Reverser, inverting the character of everyone in his path.