Naturally Sadie

About The Show

According to wanna-be naturalist, Sadie Hawthorne, to the trained eye amazing things can be found anywhere, even just around the corner at R.B. Bennett High.

Human beings are unpredictable, complicated and at times scientifically-impossible-seeming creatures! And Sadie’s attempts to sort and classify them and wedge them into one of her tidy theories mostly just gets her into trouble. In her quest to understand her world, Sadie’s forever accidentally insulting her classmates or looking ridiculous in front of the guy she likes or dragging her friends into a social experiment gone awry. But one day she’ll definitely get to the bottom of it all. Probably. In theory‚Ķ

Luckily she’s got her best friends to back her up until she figures it all out. Margaret (14), a social butterfly and Sadie’s oldest friend, helps her swim with the big fish. And Rain (14), cute but clueless, provides laughs and the comforting thought that if he can survive high school, anyone can. Of course Sadie’s “missing link” brother, Hal (16), does his best to trip her up along the way and then laugh at her misfortune. But Owen Anthony (14), easily the fittest guy on Sadie’s scale of survival, provides Sadie with the delightful inspiration to carry on no matter how badly she’s screwed up.



Monday, May 27

Home Alone


Monday, May 27

Maximum Overdrive


Tuesday, May 28

The Upside of Anger


Wednesday, May 29



Thursday, May 30

The Last Waltz

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