Raising Expectations

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Paige Wayney

Paige is Wayne’s hard-working wife and mother of five exceptional children! She is a child psychologist and author of Raising Multi-­Exceptional Children, a book on raising successful children. She expects a lot from herself, her husband, and her children. She believes in strict schedules, healthy eating, and good grammar.

Wayne Wayney

Wayne is Paige’s supportive husband and father of the five Wayney kids! He works as an architect for an international restaurant chain, so he travels away from home a lot. Wayne has his own ideas about parenting, and he believes in “tough love”.

Adam Wayney

Adam is the oldest son and the “golden boy” of the Wayney family. He’s an honours student in math and science, and the quarterback for the high school football team. Adam is a popular heartthrob, always dating different girls. Being so perfect isn’t easy though and he feels a lot of pressure to live up to his parents’ expectations.

Bentley Wayney

Bentley is very smart. He is a gifted classical cello player, and published poet. He admires his mother very much, and gets along really well with his younger sister, Conner. He is the leader of a club called “The Sophisticates”.

Conner Wayney

Conner is the only daughter in the Wayney household. Her intelligence, social skills and political knowledge make her a poster member of the International Honours Society. Conner’s also a gifted dancer and actress. She loves nature and animals, and she stands up for what she believes in.

Derek Wayney

Derek Wayney is the family rule-­follower. He’s a master of gadgets who has surveillance cameras all over the house and does regular security checks to ensure the family’s safety. Derek’s obsession with safety has also led to several fears that range from strangers, to bees, to balloons.

Emmett Wayney

Emmett is a messy, reckless, and an underachiever. He’s not as talented as his older siblings but he’s determined to prove that he deserves to be a Wayney. Emmett believes his big breakthrough is just around the corner. The only problem is that Emmett is pretty unorganized, so his plans don’t always work out the way he imagined.