Ruby and the Well

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About The Show

Ruby & The Well is a family drama that follows the adventures of 14-year-old Ruby O’Reilly, as she tries to grant wishes for the residents of the hard-luck rural town of Emerald. Each week, newcomer Ruby is summoned to a magic wishing well on her dad’s property and given a series of mysterious visions that correspond to one of the townsfolk’s innermost hopes and dreams. As the newest “keeper” of this magic well, Ruby and new best friends Mina Amani and Sam Price must use smarts and determination to decipher the cryptic clues and “solve” the wish – all while keeping their heroic activities secret from the rest of the town. It takes hard work, a lot of focus and a little luck, but little by little, the weary hearts and broken spirits of the locals are restored, and the newly inspired town starts to pull together and prosper.



Friday, June 2

I Wish I Could Get Back at Emma

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