Ruby and the Well

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About The Show

In Season One, after the death of her mother, Ruby becomes a well-keeper and finds hope in granting the heartfelt wishes of her new community. But in Season Two she receives a wish from her own grandfather asking for Ruby to give up being a well-keeper. But Ruby had faith in the well and granted the terrible wish. As a result, the well showed her grandfather, Liam, the magic of the well he had so feared. It showed him that his assumptions about his brother and the well had been wrong, and the experience made him rethink his life completely. The result was a family fracture healed, and the O’Reilly’s moved into the future bonded forever together.

In Season Three, Ruby doubles down on her commitment to being a well keeper. But as the well heaps on more demands, something’s got to give. When she lets her family down, she can’t ignore the fact that her life is completely out of balance. She then re-examines everything she thinks she knows and draws on her own heartache to help herself.



Saturday, July 20

I Wish Things Could've Turned Out Differently


Sunday, July 21

I Wish I Could Find Her

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