Maya DiMeo

Maya DiMeo is a mom on a mission. She’ll do anything for her husband and her kids, especially JJ, her eldest son with cerebral palsy. In fact, she’s moved her family from school to school to find the perfect situation for JJ. And now she finally has – an aide to speak for JJ at all times.

Jimmy DiMeo

Jimmy DiMeo is the dad who has hearts-to-hearts with his kids. He teaches them the importance of believing in your family, no matter what. He works a steady, if sometimes unfulfilling, job to support them and get the healthcare benefits JJ needs.

JJ DiMeo

JJ DiMeo is the oldest sibling with cerebral palsy. He really enjoys is newfound freedom that comes with having a full-time aide. He goes to his first high school party, flirts with girls, and for the first time, even spends and entire day out and about without one of his family members tagging along.

Dylan DiMeo

Dylan DiMeo likes to win. She is small and fiesty! Dylan never fails to take mom’s side when JJ or Ray challenge her mom. She also has a soft spot for her dad – she enjoys cheap thrills just as much as he does, from messing with the neighbours to coming up with creative ways to make money online.

Ray DiMeo

Ray is a kid who just wants to fit in. He is smart, mature, and a bit of a romantic, qualities that help and hurt him at his new school, where he pursues his first crush. He tried to balance his love for his family with desire for normalcy: if only his family could get to places on time, keep the house clean, give him some space – and most of all, if only his mom would stop embarrassing him.