Spongo, Fuzz and Jalapena

Weekend mornings at 9:30am et/pt.

About The Show

Welcome to Champignon, a town which hosts a whacky world championship every single day. From the Shopping Trolley with One Wonky Wheel races to the Flat Pack Furniture Assembly World Championships, our three heroes Spongo, Fuzz & Jalapeña are always in the centre of the action going for gold.

Whether as spectators, competitors, event judges or the guy who owns the hot dog stand, the proud population of Champignon all know one thing – it’s all about the win – and though Spongo, Fuzz and Jalapena rarely take gold, they always end up smiling and never give up.



Saturday, January 29

One With Everything / Long Shot


Sunday, January 30

Keyed Up / Daddy Daughter Disaster

All times et/pt