The Next Step


Emily is selected to head up The Next Step, but her leadership is challenged by Michelle, who starts her own troupe within TNS. Emily’s troupe focuses on technical precision and skill, which is promising for Regionals. Michelle and Emily both need to learn to compromise and compete fairly through the season.


Michelle starts her own troupe within The Next Step, focusing on passion and creativity. However, her dancers are quite raw, which calls their likelihood of making Regionals into question. Michelle is determined to prove she is a better studio head than Emily but her desire to beat Emily could shut down the competitive season for both teams.


Noah returns for another season of dance, determined to make it to Regionals. Having broken up with Amanda after she left to go on a world tour, Noah has bounced back and found a new love interest: Jacquie. Only there’s one catch. Jacquie is Henry’s ex-girlfriend and Henry makes it clear to Noah that she’s off limits.


Piper returns to The Next Step and makes it onto TNS East. After hearing for years how talented James is and how he won Internationals, Piper is determined to step out from her brothers shadow. She thinks TNS East has what it takes to make her a great dancer.


Daniel returns to TNS this season as Emily’s choreographer and will guide the skilled and precise dancers of her A Troupe. It is a struggle to choreograph for the perfectionist Emily, and Daniel must deal with the dancers feeling pressured and passionless.


West is Michelle’s choreographer, and a major supporting character in season five as he helps guide the raw, undefined talent of Michelle’s naturally gifted dancers.


Henry is back and after not making it onto TNS East, he finds himself on TNS West and torn between friendships. Plus, with his ex-girlfriend joining the studio, things get complicated.


Richelle is perfect for Emily’s A-Troupe where she thrives as the new Dance Captain. Richelle has always been a lone wolf but when a talented new A-Trouper comes along, Richelle finds herself a new friend.


LaTroy returns to the studio disappointed that his girlfriend, Sloane, will not be joining him on A-Troupe this year. He’s looking forward to restoring TNS’ reputation but when he is not selected for Emily’s team, he quickly joins Michelle’s.


Amy returns to the studio and joins Michelle’s Troupe but tries to hide it from her “Dance Mom”. Amy wants to be at the studio that’s about heart and passion, but her mom thinks the best training comes from discipline and hard work.


Lola joins TNS from another dance studio where she was Dance Captain but had no friends. Determined to do things differently, Lola immediately connects with Richelle. But Lola’s loyalty is called into question when Richelle asks her to keep a secret that may threaten the team.


Zara works hard and is driven, but she is cautious and afraid of failure. An over-achiever, she must choose between her academic commitments and dance. In the process of trying to set herself apart, Zara makes a dangerous enemy.


Kingston is an unexpected addition when he joins the studio. He is a charming YouTube star and learned everything about dance from watching videos. But there is a huge difference between learning to dance at home and dancing in a competitive troupe.


Ozzy is a J-Trouper who tries to punch above his weight when he auditions for A-Troupe. When Michelle forms her own troupe, Ozzy is the first to leap at the chance to prove himself. Ozzy is a prankster who likes to have fun and looks up to the other dancers.


Heather is a barista at Neutral Grounds who had to quit competitive dance when her parents could no longer afford it. A good friend to all the dancers, Heather is the voice of reason as she strives to balance work and dance throughout the season.


Jacquie joins Emily’s troupe and is ecstatic to make the team. Strongly competitive, she wants to be challenged and aspires to make it to the top of the dance world. Jacquie will have to decide if having a personal life in the studio is worth the cost to her dance career.


Elliot is a very confident dancer brought in by Michelle to join TNS West. He quickly creates problems for the team as he believes he’s better than everyone else.


At first Josh appears to be a thoughtless jock, but soon reveals himself to be an amazing dancer who gave up hockey for dance. Josh bonds with Piper who is one of the few dancers he confides in about his home life where his parents prioritize his AAA hockey player brother over him.