The Other Kingdom

Every day at 5am et/pt


A faerie princess in the body of a teenage girl. She grew up in the kingdom of Athenia, but now goes to high school to learn more about “Other” life. She’s bubbly, caring, outgoing, and mischievous – like all faeries!


She’s witty, enthusiastic, and a truly loyal friend. She’s also a huge “faerie nerd,” and has extensive knowledge about the history of Astral’s family and culture – having first learned about faeries at a young age when her dad gave her a book about them.


Astral’s host brother and friend. He’s highly neurotic, and often finds himself confused and overwhelmed by the weirdness of high school life. He doesn’t like taking risks and has a never-ending series of hobbies and interests, including geography, chess, and architecture.


Astral’s Other crush, Tristan is handsome, athletic, and a little mysterious. He’s new in town, and mostly keeps to himself, working on his gymnastics routines or writing cheesy poems. He aspires to be the best gymnast in the world.


Hailey is a sophomore with an incredibly ambitious, no-nonsense, my-way-or-the-highway personality. She’s determined to succeed at everything she puts her mind to – including becoming prom queen, student council president and valedictorian.


A quiet British exchange student who somehow winds up in the kingdom of the faeries (as Astral’s “shield”).

King Oberon

King Oberon is Astral’s father and King of the faeries. He is strong, regal, and powerful, and only wants what is best for his daughter!

Queen Titania

Queen Titania is Astral’s mother and Queen of the faeries! She is always there to help Astral in a crisis.