Top Chef Jr.

Vanessa Lachey (HOST)

Vanessa is a TV show host and actress. She is married to Nick Lachey, and they have three children.

Curtis Stone (HOST)

Curtis is a well-known chef, restauranteur, TV host and New York Times bestselling author. He owns two restaurants in United States.

Chef Tyler

Tyler knows a lot about Italian cuisine and his background inspires a lot of his dishes. His favourite thing to do is to travel on cruiseships and enjoys trying foods from all over the world. Tyler’s dream is to be a chef on a cruise ship one day.

Chef Nikki

Nikki is from New York City, close to a ton of restaurants of all different cultures. If she has an idea for a recipe, she can pick something up from Chinatown, Little Italy or her favourite Indian or Korean markets. Nikki tried out for Top Chef Junior last year, but didn’t make it. She’s back this year and ready to cook!

Chef Sophie

Sophie cooks from her roots! Her family is from Poland, and her recent trip there made a significant impact on her cooking style. As a New Orleans native, she also loves comfort food, including American and Polish comfort foods. Sophie is also a cheerleader and brings her energy to the kitchen!

Chef Simon

Simon is a very creative chef! His interest in cooking began when he helped his dad bake wedding cakes. Simon loves sports and has a passion for math and science. He has also been around the world with his dad where he tasted cuisines from many different cultures. Simon doesn’t eat pork or shellfish, but he still cooks with them.

Chef Rogers

Rogers is calm and focused in the kitchen. He loves classic French and Asian cooking. His passion for cooking came at a very young age when he used to cook with his parents. Outside of the kicthen, Rogers has a Black Belt in Taw Kwon Do, plays the piano and is a skilled chess player.

Chef Olivia

Olivia loves to read cookbooks and from savoury to sweet, she does it all! Olivia loves making birthday cakes from scratch and even makes snacks for pets. She loves to cook with the freshest ingredients. Olivia is always singing and dancing in the kitchen, but she also sings at open mic nights and plays the piano.

Chef Noah

Cooking and restaurants are in Noah’s blood – his mom was a restaurant manager and his father was a line cook. His great grandfathers were butchers. Noah wants to follow in his parents’ footseps and open a chain of restaurants. He also loves to bake especially multi-layered cakes!

Chef Ella

Ella is allergic to dairy, soy and nuts and hated having limitations on what she could eat growing up which motivated her to become a chef. She also plays softball and football. Whether on the field or in the kitchen, Ella demonstrates determination.

Chef Londyn

Londyn first fell in love with cooking at the age of 3. She gets her inspiration from her father, travel and her family heritage. With Londyn’s mother from Toronto and her grandparents from Jamaica and England, her culinary diversity shows. She also loves fashion and sews her own chef pants and matches her bows with her mother. Londyn also loves to write and make music.

Chef Kate

Kate’s love for cooking comes from her mother, who owns a cooking school. Kate not only attends the school, but she teaches kids! With Tennessee and Texas roots, Kate loves comfort foods. One day she hopes to open up a cozy Southern restaurant called ‘Kate’s Corner’. Kate loves skiing and playing with her dog who has 22-inch ears!

Chef Eric

Eric is a master at BBQ and grilling and loves to use all kinds of spices in his dishes. His specialty food is Tex-Mex, representing his hometown and father’s heritage. Eric is funny and always cracking jokes. He also plays the guitar, sings and loves soccer.

Chef Carson

Carson is a gentle giant! He is very tall and has a heart of gold. He fell in love with cooking while watching his Italian grandmother in the kitchen. When he’s not in the kitchen you can find him playing basketball or one of his 5 instruments!