We Are Savvy


Tehya is the girl that everyone wants as a BFF. She’s kind, humble, smart and naturally hilarious. She’s pretty much good at everything, whether it’s acting, academics, or putting together killer outfits. Tehya is currently obsessing over skin care. She’s always inviting Spencer and Sarah over to try out her latest DIY face masks. Her top 5 favourite things are: travelling, knitting, pop quizzes, producing segments for Savvy… and making lists! She’s also really good at tennis.


Sarah is the girl that everyone wants to be. She’s a gifted singer, songwriter and musician – she can play every instrument, but guitar is her jam. She’s a tech genius when it comes to audio and video and she’s a star on the basketball court. Her top 5 favourite things are: longboarding, beatboxing, weird challenges, shooting videos for Savvy… and of course, all things music! She can also talk backwards.


Spencer is the girl that everyone can relate to. Spencer lives in the country with a very big family. Everyone likes hanging out with her because she loves to laugh and act goofy. She’ll never say no to doing a DIY – especially if it’s tie-dye – and she’s always in the mood for a cat video. Her top 5 favourite things are: crafting, tie-dying, hippie vans, lava lamps… and starring in videos for Savvy! She really likes cheese.