What’s Up, Warthogs!

About The Show

Now that Eric Ortiz is the president of West Hill High’s A/V Club, he’s going to turn the boring weekly announcements into the most exciting, hilarious news show his West Hill classmates have ever seen, and hopefully become a bit more popular while doing it.

Things don’t work out exactly as he’d hoped. His lifelong rival, Victoria Jagger, somehow becomes his co-host. The managing editor of the school newspaper, Teddy Chadwick IV, will do whatever he can to sabotage the announcements and keep his school paper in his classmates’ hands. Lucky for Eric, his best buddy Charlie has got his back! Brainy Laney, a 12-year-old genius, keeps the show running smoothly behind the scenes. To Eric’s surprise, even Victoria helps What’s Up, Warthogs! become a West Hill High success story. Together, the “What’s Up Warthogs!” crew shares adventure, laughs, and the unlikeliest of friendships.



Monday, May 30

Video Killed The Television Star


Tuesday, May 31

In Sickness And In Health


Wednesday, June 1

Rumble In The Lab


Thursday, June 2

Drama At West Hills


Friday, June 3

Dex Kubrick

All times et/pt


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