What’s Up, Warthogs!

Eric Ortiz

Eric is president of the Audio/Visual club and loves being in front of the camera. He would give his left arm to get a project off the ground and in a theatre near you! Eric has no problem telling a cheesy joke on camera, but he still gets tongue-tied in front of a pretty girl. Eric’s obsessed with soccer (or fútbol as he calls it) – his dad used to be a forward for Mexico’s Chivas fútbol team.

Victoria Jagger

Victoria is planning to run for Student Body president in a year and doesn’t miss a single chance to promote her campaign, even now. She’s a rabid environmentalist and uses her charms to enlist other students and teachers to help her with the cause. Ever since Eric “impeached” her one-of-a-kind Congressional Barbie in a peach smoothie, they’ve been sworn enemies!

Charlie McGuinness

Charlie is Eric’s best friend. He’s got his own way of looking at things and ideas about everything from political conspiracies to personal hygiene! Even though he means well, he’s not so good at thinking before talking, so sometimes he’s a little embarrassing or just plain inappropriate. Charlie once stayed up for 86 hours straight on a quest to look at EVERY page on the internet… he ALMOST made it!

Laney Nielsen

Even though she’s only 12, she’s skipped two grades to become a freshman at West Hill High. A little ahead of her time, she has a scientific curiosity about the other high school students around her and the drama they create. She’s a straight A student, can’t tell a lie to save her life and likes to stay up late re-reading romance novels over and over. Eric appreciates her logical thinking and she hopes she and Victoria can become best friends forever!

Teddy Chadwick IV

Teddy is the son of senior State Senator Theodore Chadwick III and has a British accent, even though he and his family, are not from England. He’s managing editor of the school newspaper and only because of his daddy’s money and connections. Teddy is already planning a takeover, to make himself editor-in-chief of the newspaper. He can’t stand Eric because the “What’s Up Warthogs!” announcements compete with the paper. He’s crushing huge on Victoria, even though she can’t stand him.

Mr. Denovi

Mr. Denovi is the staff advisor to the Audio/Visual club. He graduated from West Hill High himself, ages ago, and is still seeking approval from Principal Colonel Masters. Mr. Denovi is a pretty nervous and jumpy guy but is happy to lay down the law when Eric gets too carried away with the show. He only wants what’s best for “What’s Up Warthogs!” and will defend the gang when Principal Colonel Masters tries to censor the show.