Zak Storm


Zak is an 11-year-old boy who loves adventure and surfing. He is brave and never lets his friends down, even if it means throwing himself directly in danger’s way!


CeCe is not only smart, but she’s also a great sailor and fighter. Even though she is a sea captain at heart, she was raised as a Princess in Kingdom-City of Atlantis.


Clovis is a ghost with the ability to pass through solid objects. He is goofy and always popping up here and there. Clovis’ weapon is his ball and chain, which he can pull out of thin air when he needs it.

Golden Bones

Golden Bones is very dangerous and known for doing evil things in the Triangle. He is Skullivar’s closest ally and sails the high seas aboard his ship, The Normandy.


Skullivar is very powerful. He plots, organizes and orders but rarely takes action himself. He prefers to rely on his second hand in command – Golden Bones and his Skeleton Army. Skullivar is after the ultimate prize: Calabrass, the greatest treasure in the Triangle and the key to reigning over time and space.


Caramba is out of this world! He is a space traveler from another planet. Caramba is kind and super-smart but he is also afraid of everything! He is also very loyal to Zak, ready to defend him at any moment.