Internet Safety Tips

Family wants to make the Internet a safe and fun place and encourage you to follow these Safety Tips online:

  1. Keep your personal information private – don’t give out your name, phone number, school or address without a parent/guardian’s permission.
  2. Most social networking sights such as Facebook and Twitter will let you choose who can see your posts. Ask an adult to help you change your privacy settings.
  3. Keep in mind that anything you share on social media – even in private – could be seen by someone you don’t want to see it. Always think twice before clicking “post” or “send”!
  4. If you see anything inappropriate or upsetting online, ask a parent or trusted adult for advice on how to avoid it. Remember, it’s not your fault you saw this!
  5. If someone sends you something rude over email or social media, DO NOT RESPOND – instead, speak to a responsible adult.
  6. If you’re sharing photos or videos that have other people in them, always ask them for permission first.
  7. Don’t buy something online or download anything without permission from an adult.
  8. Never agree to hang out in person with someone you’ve met online. Remember that people may not be who they say they are!
  9. Keep your passwords SECRET! Not even your BFFs need to know!
  10. Stand UP! against bullying – don’t gossip or humiliate anyone! If you want more information about cyber-bullying or any bullying, Learn more