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This month’s featured films

A close-up of a young man and a young woman seperated by a glass window, touching hands.

Everything, Everything

A man holding his hands very close to a queen's crown who is sitting in a red chair with a surprised look on her face. In the background, there is a royal palace in the background and a blue sky.

The Queen & I

A grandfather sitting in a wheelchair with his grandson standing in front of him. There are trees and green grass in the background.

Grandpa's Great Escape

Three kids with injuries sitting on a hospital bed and a young girl sitting in a wheelchair with a cast on her arm and leg.

The Midnight Gang

A boy sitting on the back of a grey dragon flying through a ball of fire.

How To Train Your Dragon

A prince and a princess in in front of a hill and castle in the background. In front of them are three characters dressed in extravagant costumes.

Cinderella: After Ever After

A man, wearing a dirty, white shirt and black sunglasses is holding a rat by the tail. In the background is a dirty food truck and two women in messy clothes.


Two blue aliens, a giant orange creature and yellow creature running away from an army of yellow robots in the middle of a city street.

Escape from Planet Earth

A cute robot, with a glowing blue light in the middle of a field. Behind him in the distance are four young men and a dark night sky.

Earth to Echo

A group of young ballerinas, wearing white dresses, standing by a wall and holding on to a poll. In the middle is a young, red-haired girl in a blue dress doing her own thing and not following the rules.


A man wearing overalls and a brown hat walking is walking in a backyard with a brown fence in the background. Behind him is a white dog, a woman, a red bird and a monkey.

Tad the Lost Explorer and Secret of King Midas

A horizontal view of a friendly brown bear and a deer in front of a light blue background.

Open Season

A young man standing in the center with his arms crossed. Right behind him is a male and female student and even further back are three adults i front of a blue and beige background.

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life

A close-up of a beige puppy with a red collar in front of a white background.

Marley & Me: The Puppy Years

A young boy holding a baby pig under his arm and giving a thumbs up, standing in front of a black and white illustration of a car driving by.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul