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This month’s featured films

Miraculous World: United Heroez

A close up of an old man's face with a white bear and a red hat and a sign that reads, Christmas Secrets Revealed.

The Secrets of Christmas Revealed!

A blond young man holding up a secret agent card with three other people behind him.

Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker

A close-up of a brunette teenage girl smiling.

Christmas Princess

An elf, reindeer and a girl peeking through a ripped, red wallpaper.


A close-up of a happy penguin poking his head through the snow.

Happy Feet Two

A close-up of a cute penguin standing on ice with other penguins in the background.

Happy Feet

A cute, tiny creature with big ears peeking through a desk drawer.

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

A man wearing a Santa hat, Santa Claus and two kids wearing green elf costumes are in front of a giant blue moon in the background.

Fred Claus

A black cat standing next to an orange cat wearing a black cowboy hat in front of a dark blue background.

Puss in Boots

A close-up of two women's faces, with blonde hair, behind a red and green banner.

Christmas in the Heartland

A Christmas Tail

17 Again

A close-up of a big, green character wearing a brown vest and standing beside a donkey in front of a green background.


A close-up of a bald, male character wearing a grey jacket and a grey, striped scarf.

Despicable Me 2

A close-up of two men's faces. The man on the left has long black hair, a curly mustache and a hook as his hand.


A bunch of cute, yellow characters climbing all over a Despicable Me logo. There is a tall male charaacter standing in front of the logo with two kids beside him. At the very front there are two yellow characters peeking from the sides.

Despicable Me

Finding Neverland

Hotel Transylvania