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Max is a natural born self-starter. He is curious, passionate and constantly inspired to make the world a better place. A true problem solver, Max is always looking to fill a need by inventing “the next big thing.” He’s a dreamer and a schemer who’s willing to give anything a try.


Kaylyn is Max’s oldest friend. She is smart, driven and progressive. Kaylyn is the face of the company, working as Head of Marketing and PR. Charming, and able to spin any situation into a positive, Kaylyn’s professional and fearless attitude would make her a star in any corporate environment.


Alicia is the team’s newest member, and Chief Product Designer. She is a DIY engineering and coding genius, able to make anything work with sheer determination. Alicia is very private and keeps her personal life a mystery. She rarely opens up about anything, especially her own feelings. Alicia even has a shocking secret she keeps from the rest of the gang.


Noodles is a goof and doesn’t take life too seriously. He isn’t hungry for success, or money – he’s just hungry. Surprisingly though, Noodles can sometimes be the smoothest operator in the room. He is constantly motivated to prove that he’s a valuable member of the team.


Zeke is the youngest member of the team, and in many ways the wisest. He is inspired by Max and loves to hang out with everyone. He lives next door and often pops into the garage to see what Max and his friends are up to. He isn’t always included in their adventures because of his age – or simply because he’d rather be playing video games.


Chelsea is Max’s older sister. She wants to change the world…with a protest sign. She’s passionate, determined and very supportive of her family – especially Max. She and her little brother are pretty close, and even though she thinks he’s kind of dorky, they always have each other’s backs. Chelsea often gives Max advice about life, relationships and how almond milk causes climate change.


Bryan is Max’s dad who works as a rideshare driver. He enjoys his job because it’s flexible and he loves to talk to people. He is very supportive of Max and knows that making your dreams come true doesn’t happen overnight. So, if his job lets him drive his kids around while also driving a confused customers to work, he’s more than happy to do it.


Helen is Max’s mom. Ever since she decided to go to law school, she’s been struggling to find a balance between school and family. A workaholic by nature, Helen sometimes jumps into Chealsea’s causes and Max’s business whether they ask for her help or not. She is very supportive of Max, but doesn’t want him to grow up too fast.