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13-year-old Holly Hobbie is an aspiring singer-songwriter who isn’t afraid to fight for causes she believes in, even if it ruffles feathers. Now that Holly’s hit her teens, helping others is sometimes more complicated than it looks. How do you save your Grandma’s café from closing its doors when she wants to keep her financial problems a secret? If your Mom’s company is polluting the local creek, can you still lead the protest against it? Both a dreamer and a doer, Holly navigates friendship, love and family conflict with a positive attitude as we follow her on her journey. She plans on saving the world some day, but is happy to start in her small town of Collinsville.



Thursday, July 18

The Show Starter


Friday, July 19

The Churlish Cheerleader


Saturday, July 20

The Chicken Cooper


Saturday, July 20

The Savvy Sleuth


Sunday, July 21

The Rabble Rouser

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