Ice Girls

Mattie Dane

Mattie is a 15 year-old figure skater. She’s an A student and loves music. Her dream is to skate in the Olympics, and her coaches think she can make it. When Mattie has a devastating fall at a competition, she’s scared she might have to give up skating for good.


Darcy is a boy who lives at Mercury’s rink. His parents are out of the picture, so Mercury took him in. Darcy acts like a tough guy but he has a soft side. Darcy goes to school with Mattie, and they quickly become friends when he helps her train at the rink.

Heather Lear

Heather’s a talented skater and has the medals and trophies to prove it. She comes from a wealthy family, but she doesn’t know who she is or what she really wants. Heather’s love for figure skating is being crushed by her mother’s pushiness.


Mercury owns the local skating rink. Mercury was on his way to becoming a world figure skating champion when personal disaster struck. Now he’s a loner, but he knows figure skating, maybe like no one else. He also has a heart of gold.

Kelly Dane

Kelly is Mattie’s Mom. She grew up dreaming of joining the Ice Capades but now her daughters are her priority. She struggled to provide for her family by selling used cars and working as a part time fitness instructor.

Rose Lear

Rose is Heather’s Mom. She is very controlling of Heather. Rose used to be a figure skater, and she was good but not good enough. She and Kelly had a rivalry that went on for years when they were younger.