Massive Monster Mayhem

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Master Mayhem

Known as the worst, we mean BEST Overlord Ever, Master Mayhem has waged an intergalactic battle for control of the universe. He will stop at nothing to take it over and has recruited the firecest team of Massive Monster Superstars to battle Earth’s bravest Heroes!

His Dream: To conquer the universe, and to be more successful than his brother, Carl.
Arch Nemesis: Everyone
Special Skills: Vlogging, humble-bragging and conquering.
Least Favourite Thing: Getting ejected into space.
Weapon: Sky Saber

Teensy The Tri-Terror-Tops

Teensy may be the champion of the deadly Dino-Demolisher race whose purpose was to spread extinction across the universe, but he’s also the lovable host of everyone’s favourite kid show, Teensy Time!

Massive Move: The Extinction Whip – Teensy uses his tail to whip your butt.
His Dream: To be the greatest Monster Superstar of all time and for Teensy Time to be the highest rated kid’s TV show in the galaxy.
Arch Nemesis: RoBro, ever since that time he made a horrible guest appearance on Teensy Time.
Special skills: Counting and spelling.
Least Favourite Thing: Being judged by who he is on the outside, not by what he looks like on the inside…of his tummy.
Weapon: The Dinomolisher


The Buff Bot, RoBro wants to muscle up and prove he’s the best while simultaneously selling you his line of fitness tapes, smoothies and other useless items.

Massive Move: The Bro Down – RoBro will pick up his opponent and flip them upside down using his impressive biceps.
His Dream: To become the biggest, buffest Massive Monster Superstar of all time and the ultimate fitness guru.
Arch Nemesis: Macho Cheese, because he’s high in cholesterol and dairy makes him gassy.
Least Favourite Thing: Weak-sauce humans.
Special Skills: Mixing the ultimate protein shake.

Dome Diddy Dome

Dome Diddy Dome is the ultimate vessel for vengeance! Weighing in at 7 million tons and fueled by the tears of inanimate objects everywhere, this receptacle of revenge allows any object placed in its dome to come to life and seek revenge against its annoying human overlords.

Massive Move: Domeination – uses whatever is in his dome to charge up his spin cycle and completely destroy his opponent both physically and emotionally!
His Dream: His dreams change on a weekly basis, depending on whichever object happens to be renting the space inside his dome.
Arch Nemesis: Humans and whichever monster had enslaved the object controlling him.
Special Skills: One size fits all!
Weapon: Dome-O-Blaster

Macho Cheese

After fermenting for years in the center of the Milky Way, this Appeterrorizer is shredding the competition with his unique flavour of mayhem and destruction. When he’s not melting planets, he’s chasing his dream of becoming the “big cheese” of stand-up comedy. If his stinky jokes won’t crush you… the weight of his head will!

Massive Move: The Cheese Topping – Macho Cheese uses the weight of his massive head to crush his opponents to the ground and flatten them.
His Dream: To crush his one-liners as easily as he crushes his competitors.
Arch Nemesis: Me-Ouch! She tries to take a bite out of him when he’s not looking.
Special skills: Puns.

Major Disappointment

Son of the greatest, most feared and famous monster superstars of all time, this spoiled bot was born with the strength of his father and the sparkle of his mother’s eyes. Despite never really living up his potential, this time he’s definitely conquering the universe. Right after he reads his texts, and maybe orders a pizza.

Massive Move: The Lazy Bot – Major Disappointment makes the most mess with as little effort as possible. Be careful when he decides to take a break, sit down and squish his opponent.
His Dream: To finally makes his parents proud and get one trillion followers on social media.
Arch Nemesis: Anyone who tells him to do something.
Special Skills: Sleeping till noon, getting out of chores and taking stompies.
Fun Fact: His real name is Melvin.


Part Tiger, part alien, all firece, this laser-toothed tiger brings her catastrophic furry flurry upon her prey. Thus purrfect warrior has left entire planets at the doorstep of Master Mayhem. Me-Ouch! gets her victims into a mega hold that rends them catatonic.

Massive Move: The Cat-tastrophe – She pounces on all fours and sends her victims into a mega hold that renders them catatonic.
Her Dream: To become the first feline Massive Monster Champion, prove she’s the cat’s meow and be a pop star.
Arch Nemesis: Macho Cheese, he’s always trying to outshine her in the Doo Doo Dooms and the battle league.
Special Skills: Playing the keyboard and going crazy at least once a day.

Eye Eye Eye

Firece and Fearless, this hard-core warrior queen has the strength to move mountains, literally. And the power to crush planets as easily as glass ceilings. With one eye on the past, one eye on the future and one eye on kicking her opponents butt, the only thing more powerful than her stare is her ancient oath to destroy anyone who annoys her.

Massive Move: Earthbreak – She uses her powerful kick to crash through building and Heroes.
Her Dream: To never break a vow and to become the first every over-lady.
Arch Nemesis: Dome Diddy Dome; she doesn’t understand how technology works and thinks he’s haunted by black magic.
Special Skills: Watching three things at once.