Massive Monster Mayhem

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Master Mayhem

Master Mayhem wants to control the universe. He will stop at nothing, to take over everything!

His Dream: to conquer the universe, and to be more successful than his brother, Carl.
Arch Nemesis: Everyone.
Special Skills: Vlogging and conquering.
Least Favourite Thing: Getting ejected into space.
Weapon: Sky Saber.

Teensy the Tri-Terror-Tops

Teensy the Tri-Terror-Tops is friendly and has his own television show, Teensy Time. He gets just as excited to meet fans as he is to eat them. He is also the oldest dinosaur in existence.

His Dream: To be the greatest Monster of all time and for Teensy Time to be the highest rated kid’s TV show in the galaxy.
Arch Nemesis: RoBro, ever since that time he made a horrible guest appearance on Teensy Time.
Special skills: Counting and spelling.
Least Favourite Thing: Being judged by who he is on the outside, not by what he looks like on the inside…of his tummy.
Weapon: The Dinomolisher.


RoBro is from Planet Dumbbell. He wants to muscle up and prove he’s the best while also selling everyone his fitness tapes, smoothies and other useless items.

His Dream: He dreams of becoming the biggest, buffest Massive Monster Superstar of all time and the ultimate fitness guru.
Arch Nemesis: Macho Cheese, because he’s high in cholesterol and dairy makes him gassy.
Least Favourite Thing: Weak-sauce humans.
Special Skills: Mixing the ultimate protein shake.
Weapon: SlamDumper

Dome Diddy Dome

The Dome Diddy Dome is the ultimate vessel of vengeance! He is a robot for rent and allows any object placed in its dome to come to life!

His Dream: His dreams change on a weekly basis, depending on whichever lifeless object happens to be renting the space inside his dome.
Arch Nemesis: Humans and whichever monster had enslaved the object controlling him.
Special Skills: One size fits all.
Weapon: Dome-O-Blaster.

Macho Cheese

Macho Cheese has been fermenting for years in the center of the Milky Way and he’s the cheesiest Monster of all time. When he’s not melting planets, he’s chasing his dream of becoming the best stand-up comedian.

His Dream: To crush his one-liners as easily as he crushes his competitors.
Arch Nemesis: Me-Ouch! She tries to take a bite out of him when he’s not looking.
Special skills: Puns.
Planet: Planet MooMoo’s Moons
Weapon: The Column-See-Yah

Major Disappointment

Major Disappointment is the son of the greatest, most feared and famous monster superstars of all time. He believes he can do anything, but is also super lazy.

Dream: His dream is to make his parents proud and get one trillion followers on social media.
Arch Nemesis: Anyone who tells him to do something.
Least Favourite Thing: Doing stuff and #Haterz.
Special Skills: Sleeping until noon and getting out of chores.
Weapon: Subchucks + Bunny Slammers.


Me-Ouch! is part tiger and part alien! This purr-fect warrior is always excited to destroy anyone and anything.

Her Dream: To become the first feline Massive Monster Champion and be a pop star.
Arch Nemesis: Macho Cheese. He’s always trying to outshine her in The Doo Doo Dooms and the battle league.
Least Favourite Thing: Dogs and dirty litter boxes.
Special Skills: Playing the keyboard and going crazy at least once a day.
Planet: Furball
Weapon: Meow Meow Mace

Eye Eye Eye

Eye Eye Eye is a fearless defender of Planet OhNo! She is a warrior queen who has the strength to move mountains and the power to crush planets as easily as glass ceilings. She speaks in broken sentences and doesn’t understand modern ways and technology.

Dream: To never break a vow.
Arch nemesis: Dome Diddy Dome. She doesn’t understand how technology works and thinks he’s haunted by black magic.
Least Favourite Thing: Broken vows and technology.
Special Skills: Watching three things at once.
Weapon: Mount Crushmore