The Adventures of Puss in Boots

Puss In Boots

Puss in Boots is a traveller, a free spirit and a legend! And he never says no to adventure! Puss in Boots has a good heart, which is why after accidentally revealing the hidden city of San Lorenzo to the world, Puss made a promise to stick around and protect the town and it’s people from any harm!


Dulcinea is the most beautiful cat in San Lorenzo. She is also the beloved teacher of the town’s orphans. Smart and independent, Dulcinea is also naïve. She sees only the good in people (and cats), but her positive attitude brings out the best in everyone.

Jack Sprat

Jack Sprat is an adventurer who only thinks of himself. He is a French treasure hunter and has had a long and complicated friendship with Puss. Sometimes he takes advantage of Puss by making him do all the work, while he takes home the treasure.


Toby is an energetic 10-year-old orphan who loves to draw on anything he finds, and also really loves to eat gruel. He is, quite literally, a big pig, and because of his size and strength, Toby often breaks things by accident. Despite their differences, Toby considers Puss in Boots to be his hero and also his very best friend.


Esme is the youngest and smallest of the orphans. She’s 4 years old and is as cute as cute can be.

Kid Pickles

Kid Pickles is a kid who loves to eat pickles! He can be sarcastic and often negative, but he loves the orphans like family and considers Puss to be his hero!


Vina is 12 years old, and thinks she knows everything. In reality, everything she says is made up! She also has a crush on Toby.


While Artephius may seem like a confused old man who also runs San Lorenzo’s finest macramé owl shop, he was once the world’s greatest wizard. His magic has kept him alive for a long time, but his brain has gotten so filled up with stuff over the years that he doesn’t always make sense.

Mayor Temeroso

San Lorenzo’s mayor is a big and muscular man, who might appear tough, but he’s terrified of absolutely everything especially strangers.

Senora Zapata

Senora Zapata runs the orphanage. She is often angry, especially at Puss. She doesn’t trust him or his ability to protect the town. Even though she yells a lot, she loves the orphans and is very protective of them.


Pajuna is a cow with a mysterious past; she may or may not have been an assassin, a king, and a whale. Pajuna owns The Cow and Moone cantina, Puss’ favorite hangout in town, where she makes a variety of dairy-based drinks.

The Sphinx

The Sphinx has attitude and tattoos! She also has the ability to fly and blast a magic fire from her wings. Recruited by Puss in Boots to guard the town, Sphinx mixes her job with frequent cat naps.