The Last Dragonslayer

Jennifer Strange

Jennifer Strange is the brave and smart heroine of this tale. She follows the work of the great wizard Zambini in monitoring the declining dragon population and develops a fascination with the magical world. When Zambini disappeared, her search for him uncovers a prophecy naming her as the last dragonslayer!

The Great Zambini

The Great Zambini is a wizard and the owner of the last magical agency in Hereford. He saves Jennifer from an uncertain fate at the orphanage and becomes the closest thing she has ever had to a father.

Tiger Prawns

Tiger is Jennifer’s closest friend from the orphanage, who she treats like a little brother. He’s always getting into some kind of trouble!

Lady Mawgon

Lady Mawgon was once a wizard but her ability to perform magic is not what it used to be. Now she finds herself having to resort to taking odd jobs and handy work from Zambini’s magical agency.


Moobin works at Zambini’s magical agency and he is prone to visions! He is the one who forsees a battle between the dragon and the last dragonslayer.


Gordon is a bright, young man and is Jennifer’s assistant dragonslayer.

Sir Grifflon

Sir Grifflon is the leader of King Snodd’s Royal Guard, and the nation’s biggest celebrity. He has a crush on Jennifer but he can’t understand why she doesn’t feel the same way in return. He also has an amazing car!


Blacklock is a dark character, who will stop at nothing to bring Jennifer’s short time as a dragonslayer to an end.

Mother Xenobia

She works at the orphanage where Jennifer and Tiger grew up. She is kind and caring.

The President of Stuffco

She is the president of the world’s biggest company including the Wonderbarn chain of supermarkets and the carbonated drink Fizzipop.


This is the last dragon and the source of all remaining magic in the world. Even though he is big and powerful, he doesn’t really want to cause any harm to humankind.