The Next Step

Weekends at 2:30pm et/pt


Along with Michelle, Emily has gone from Co-Studio Head to Co-Manager of the revamped café, Shakes and Ladders. But when an opportunity arises they jump at the chance to redeem themselves.


With a new Studio Head now at TNS, Michelle finds herself working with Emily in Shakes and Ladders, the new coffee shop. When a chance comes to redeem themselves, however, Michelle and Emily snap at it.


Noah returns to season six as TNS’s Dance Captain, but finds his title being challenged right out of the gate. Determined to do what’s best for the team, Noah must make some tough decisions.


Piper returns to season six on shaky ground. After being put on the spot for not having an aerial move, Piper begins to lose confidence in herself, but comes out of her shell to start a friendship with newcomer Finn.


West is Michelle’s choreographer, and a major supporting character in season five as he helps guide the raw, undefined talent of Michelle’s naturally gifted dancers.


Henry returns to season six having gotten over the Noah-Jacquie situation in season five. This season, Henry finds himself looking for more than just friendship with another A-troupe member.


Richelle returns to season six fully recovered from her hip injury. Richelle is determined to claim the spot of top female dancer at the studio but finds it surprisingly difficult when a new dancer arrives at the studio.


Amy returns to season six more determined than ever to prove herself. Having tried to take the number one slot at TNS last season, she is more determined than ever to be front and centre.


Kingston returns to season six with more confidence than ever. Driven to prove he isn’t a one-trick pony, Kingston begins to put in lots of extra practice time.


Finn is brought into TNS by the new Studio head Miss Angela. His outgoing personality makes him the perfect fit to join the bro-pack of Noah, Kingston, Ozzy, and Henry.


Jacquie returns to season six in a good place, having defined herself as a top dancer, but, trouble arises when Jacquie’s sister Davis joins A-Troupe. As sisters, they get along just fine, but as dancers, their family ties are strained to the max.


Ozzy returns to season six a little older and wiser. Realizing any chance he had with Richelle has gone out the window, Ozzy puts his focus into being the best A-Troupe dancer he can be.


We first meet Jacquie’s sister, Davis, at the Absolute Dance convention hosted by The Next Step. When Emily is looking to add to A-Troupe, Davis joins the team. However, thrown by sibling drama Davis struggles to find her place on the team.


New to season six, Summer becomes a breakout dancer at TNS. She immediately makes an impact on A-Troupe, but her place at the studio is not without drama.


Hip hop dancer, Kenzie, is another A-Troupe newcomer brought in by Miss Angela. Kenzie initially keeps to herself at the studio, unwilling to get drawn into involved in all the drama, but Kenzie soon forms a strong friendship with Jacquie’s sister, Davis.


Lily is brought to TNS by Miss Angela at the beginning of season six. She quickly finds herself butting heads with most members of A-Troupe, who see her as a Mini Miss Angela.


Thalia returns as the Head of AcroNation, a non-competitive dance team who trains in Studio One. She likes to play fair and keep things friendly!

Miss Angela

Miss Angela is the new Studio Head of TNS. Brought in by Miss Kate, Angela is known as a “fixer.” She has eight Regionals wins under her belt, and several more national and international trophies. However, Miss Angela is tough, and her methods don’t jive with the dancers of A-Troupe.