Turbo FAST

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Turbo, hero of the garden snails, can out-speed anyone on the straight away, but obstacles throw him a curve. Now the reigning Starlight City hero, Turbo is forced to take on a motley crew of challengers eager to take him down.


Chet is the complete opposite of his brother Turbo, at least when it comes to taking risks. Chet is now part of the racing team but he never loses his worrying and cautious spirit.


Street smart and all-around baddest snail on the block, Whiplash cares more about the “art of racing” than being a winner. He’s fearless and a good improviser.

Smoove Move

Smoove Move always keeps his cool. A super laid-back dude, he’s not as fast as some of his fellow snails but he has a much smoother ride with a special built-in sound system.


Reckless and energetic, Skidmark is also brilliant and inventive. He’s the team tinkerer/inventor/mechanis and it always experimenting with new enhancements.


The team’s girl power, Burn is a feisty, hot-blooded adrenaline junkie. Her sarcastic wit and extremely short temper give her the guts to take on the greatest challenges.

White Shadow

He’s big. He’s clumsy. He’s gullible. White Shadow has a pure soul and unwavering love for his teammates. He doesn’t know the meaning of the word fear… or many other words.